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For over 30 years and with over 10 million assessments completed annually across 7 countries, you can be confident that you've made the right choice!

The Health and Wellbeing Institute of Australia is a developer and wholesaler of Health Risk Assessments and Prevention Solutions.  HWIA forms strategic partnerships with organisations wishing to offer their clients health and wellbeing products and services that are measurable, innovative and evidence based.


HWIA take the guess work out of developing programs, through the use of their Health Risk Assessments (HRA's) and supportive intervention tools which include; Customisable Online Health Tracking Programs , Health Coaching and a Health Practitioner Directory .  HWIA's products and services allow you to easily identify your groups health risks and develop targeted health improvement strategies that focus on cost effectivness and a strong return on investment.  More about HWIA

Our team's vision is to identify preventative actions, then stimulate and empower individuals and communities to adopt a self-management and pro-active approach to their health and wellbeing. More about HWIA


Our company vision is to enhance preventative health care via strategic partnerships with key organisations that inspire to nurture a healthier Australian population.

More about partnering with us


Our philosophy is also supported by the National Preventative Health Taskforce Initiative - Australia: the healthiest country by 2020. More on how our solutions support this initiative



We will achieve this vision via our four key divisions that include:

Our scientifically based health risk assessments at are the benchmark of preventative care contributing to improved health and wellbeing of millions of people all over the world.HWIA encourage participants to take personal responsibility of their health through our online health tracking and incentive program aptly named ( )Our team of telephonic and web based health coaches at ( empower you to make changes through science based advice, guidance and support.Our online preventative health directory ( ) empowers our clients and provides them with the tools and convenience for personal action


A combination of these solutions ensures HWIA’s 'preventative healthcare changes lives'

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